One approach to encounter nature very close in Fort Lauderdale is with an airboat ride through the South Florida Everglades. The Everglades is an assorted climate where numerous fauna and flora flourish in a delicate balance. Depending upon the length of the visitant tour you will undoubtedly encounter something unforgettable. Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale offers one hour, 90 minutes and two-hour trips. The longer your trip the more exposure and chances to encounter wildlife.

Custom Tours and Boats

For those searching for the excitement of skimming along in a rapid airboat, the one-hour visits keep the movement up with a 19 foot aluminum airboat. The powerful engines in excess of 500 horse power and high torque will help you get through the Everglades. Time literally flies while you are having fun on your airboat ride and before you know it your tour will end if you do not book enough time.

The two-hour visit goes a lot further into the Everglades and takes the longest circuit of approximately 27 mile. During this visit, we take various stops to offer riders the chance to watch and photo natural life in the region. You’re certain to see egrets, hawks, osprey, moorhens and great blue herons year round. The majority of our guest lean towards 90 minutes and tow hours as you will have more exposure to the Everglades.

The Everglades is home to an assortment of plants, reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and mammals species. As perhaps the biggest wetland on the planet, there are 350 flourishing types of feathered creatures and the most American crocodiles concentrated in anyplace.

There are likewise deer and bear which can be seen living on the land. All creatures are wild so it’s essential to remain inside the airboat. We can’t ensure we will see them, yet we realize where to discover them and will put forth a valiant effort to flaunt the biological system during our more extended visits.

Climate & Weather

The best weather tends to be the cool of the winter and spring months. Less humidity and heat make your outing more enjoyable. However this is an activity to enjoy year round. At Fort Lauderdale Airboat Tours we are open 365 days a year. Call us 561-563-4165 to reserve your adventure of a lifetime.