Some of the best tricks and tips for spotting and locating alligators during an airboat ride are coming up next. First you need to be alert and scan the water, banks and grass. Alligators will become available to the eyes in different ways depending on weather, air temperature, sunlight and water level.

Normally found in wetlands, close to muggy shores and sawgrass marshlands, alligators like to incline towards still water alongside vegetation and embankments. They skim in stale waters and consequently, any lake, lake, or marsh makes for a decent home for alligators.

Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale offers you the best chances to see alligators up close onboard and airboat ride. To see alligators you need to go into the Everglades to find their haunts. Alligators are able to stay down up to 2 hours so more time on the water to search for them increases your chances of seeing more alligators.

Observing Alligators on Airboat Tours & Rides

Like most reptiles, the American alligator can’t control its internal body heat. In this manner, they use the climate, sunlight and air to keep up the internal heat level. They are cold blooded creatures so their surroundings and external temperature regulates their body temperature. During the colder seasons alligators need more sunlight to keep warm.

Nonetheless, the best ideal opportunity to spot alligators is throughout winter and spring. They become quite active in the winter and spring due to high mating season. In the summer when it is very hot mornings and evenings are best to see alligators.

During winter and spring alligators tend to sun themselves more during mid day. During summer they are mainly active early morning and late afternoon.