Taking a Fort Lauderdale airboat tour can be energizing, reviving and eye opening for young and old. While our staff would gladly walk you through everything on the telephone, here are a few tips when booking your airboat tour of a lifetime! You can always email us or call us with any questions.

Call Ahead to Check for Availability

Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale will do our best to accommodate the time most convenient for you and your family. We are perhaps one of the most well known airboats tour suppliers in the Fort Lauderdale area. It is ideal to call ahead (561) 563-4165 to book or visit our websitse to book online.

We are open year round 365 days and work all holidays. Whether you’d prefer to take your spouse out for a unbelievable excursion, treat the entire family out, corporate function, we can customize anything you want. We also have special sunset and night tours.

Weather Can Be a Factor But Changes Rapidly

The old saying if you don’t like rain in Florida then what 15 minutes is very true. Most days all year long are great for visit the Everglades except total washout rain days. However, most of the time rain lasts under 30 minutes at a time and can often be manageable in the Everglades. We do avoid running during thunderstorms due to lightning concerns.

If you trip has to be postponed due to weather we will gladly work to rebook. If you booked your trip online and have already paid we will gladly provide a refund no questions asked. We generally do not cancel a trip unless weather looks bad an hour before your trip. Weather changes rapidly in Florida and even on rainy days we are able to get 80 to 90% our trips in if rain is not constant.

There is No Dress Code When Visiting the Florida Everglades But Dress According To Weather

No tuxedos or suits are required but you can wear them if you want! Most folks choose to use cloths that protect from possible sun burns. Sunglasses are highly recommend to protect from insects hitting you in the eyes as the airboats cruise at 30 miles per hour. Polarized sunglasses allow you to see fish, plants, alligators and turtles that may hide in the water.

These are the Florida Everglades and the habitat is mainly swamp. During the summer Florida can get hot and humid, so shorts, sneakers, and long sleeve shirts are probably the most widely recognized dress things our travelers’ wear. If it is wintertime, a light jacket is recommended when air gets quite cool. Remember to bring sunscreen as the Florida sunshine can burn delicate skin quite fast.

A Few Other Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Air Boat Tour of The Fort Lauderdale Everglades

We will go through the Florida swamps, with a high likelihood of seeing loads of truly cool natural life. On the off chance that you might want to take pictures, make certain to have your telephone charged or your camera prepared. We regularly observe alligators and some stunning birdlife while we are out there. We provide bottled water in a cooler. You are welcomed to bring snacks and drinks as you will be on the airboat visit for at least 60 minutes.

If you have any inquiries regarding our Fort Lauderdale airboat tours, call us today at 561-563-4165.