Crocodilian reptiles are part of the many intriguing and fascinating animals found in the Florida Everglades. These iconic Florida creatures are the reason numerous individuals visit Fort Lauderdale because of its vicinity to the Everglades. You can see them up close by booking Fort Lauderdale Air Boat Tours. Here are some fun facts about alligators and crocodiles in the Everglades:

Everglades Alligators & Crocodiles Native Species

Two types of crocodilians are located in the United States and especially in Florida. The Crocodiles Acutus, more commonly known as the American Crocodile, starts from the Florida Everglades near the salt marshes and estuaries. A different giant lizard species called the Alligator Mississippians are also known as the American Alligator. Conversely, this species generally lives in the freshwater channels of the Everglades. The crocodiles prefer salt and brackish water habitats while the alligators stick to fresh water systems.

Everglades Alligators vs Crocodiles

Crocodiles and alligators, while they make look very similar they do have some very different physical traits. Crocodiles have lighter skin than gators; their nose is more modest and smaller than alligators whose nose is more extensive. Crocodile jaws have a V-shape and are more pointed, while alligators are more U-shaped. Crocodiles have a salt gland that excretes salt allowing them to stay in saltwater for extended periods of time. Another distinctive component between the two species is their teeth. With their mouths shut, crocodiles have teeth standing up over their upper lips. Crocodiles can shroud every one of their teeth because of their bigger upper jaw. Alligators tend to have most of their teeth hidden when the shut their jaws.

Apex Predators

Crocodiles and alligators are known as apex hunters, remaining at the highest point of their natural way of life. Both alligators and crocodiles are essential to keeping a healthy ecosystem. The control populations of turtles, fish, mammals, birds and reptiles.
Both have marginally various eating regimens. Crocodiles and alligators are both capable of hunting fish, deer, hogs, birds, frogs, and other reptiles. Crocodiles can hunt in packs and alligators tend to be solitary hunters. About the only animals that target alligators and crocodiles while they are small are birds, fish and other alligators and crocodiles. Burmese pythons are thought to kill small alligator and crocodiles as well.

Dangerous Animals?

Out of the two species, the alligator is viewed as less aggressive to man. This is because they are extremely particular about their prey. Even though saltwater crocodiles are more aggressive, unwarranted attacks are a very rare occurrence. Most of the attacks from crocodilians occur in Africa. Airboat rides are by a wide margin the most secure approach to watch crocodilians in their indigenous habitat. Airboat tours provide a safe approach to interact closely with alligators and crocodiles. Feeding these reptiles is prohibited and tends to be when people get into trouble as they both can jump or move quickly. Feeding them should be avoided.

Crocodilian Conservation

Habitat loss and change is probably the greatest danger areas where crocodiles and alligators found. This is because of the danger of saltwater rising and immersing freshwater sources. The development of embankments and trenches has hurt their current circumstance in the Everglades. The CERP (Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan) targets reestablishing their natural surroundings. The CERP has spent over $7 Billion in 20 years trying to restore parts of the Everglades.

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