In South Florida you will find many offers for airboat tours. However, there is a big difference between a private airboat ride and a shared. Especially in the days of socially distancing it is perhaps more important than ever to avoid large crowds and contact with strangers. Here we analyze the pros and cons of the two types of rides offered in South Florida.

Shared Airboat Rides:

The bus boat tours as the industry knows it consist of larger, slower and wider boats made to carry more passengers at a lower per person cost. Easily found online and widely offered in South Florida this is perhaps the most common airboat ride.

Pros: May be a cheaper per person and shorter rides

Cons: Ridding with strangers, boats are considerably slow and heavy, will get stuck on mud limiting the range, usually ends up being a canal tour and tours are usually under 1 hour. Very little learning and actual experiencing the Everglades.

Private Airboat Rides

A personal and fun ride for those who want to truly experience the Everglades up close and a learn about them. The private tours are customizable usually from 1 hour, 90 minutes, 2 hours and more if you choose to.

You can pick best times to see wildlife, sunset and night tours may be an option. The boats are smaller carrying usually under 10 passengers and are not shared with strangers. The size and weight of the boat allows it to go deeper into the Everglades and back trails.

Pros: Premium tours that take you deeper into the Everglades. Smaller boats can ride over swamp, plants mud and narrow trails. You will learn more from a persona experience with your guide. Longer and customizable tours. You will not come into contact with strangers.

Cons: Cost per person may be higher, not for those looking for a cheap tour.