Dwelling in South Florida’s terrace, the Florida Everglades is an exceptional area. While there are different wetlands around the globe, none contrast with the one sitting on the southern tip of Florida. Individuals from as close to as Fort Lauderdale to as far as Asia have made the visit of the Everglades. Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale is your best choice to visit the closest airboat launch into the Everglades from Miami to West Palm Beach. The best vehicle to ride on and discover the Everglades in Florida is onboard a private airboat tour and ride.

The Everglades Are One Of The Largest Wetlands In The World

America’s largest body of slow moving water is found in the Everglades. Essentially a river 240 miles long by 80 miles wide in its original size. Today, the Everglades are more than 1,500,000 sections of land in size. To picture the huge size of the Everglades, envision more than 40,000 soccer fields one next to the other.

Before individuals started moving into South Florida, farming and developing it, the Everglades were over twice its size. The Florida Everglades is the third biggest public park in the mainland United States coming in behind Yellowstone and Death Valley.

Everglades Are A Unique & Only Wetland To Find Alligators and Crocodiles Living In Such Proximity

Both apex predators such as alligators and crocodiles are usually not tolerant for living with each other. Both rule the environment they live in and make it unthinkable for the two species to flourish with each other. In any case, this isn’t the situation with the Florida Everglades. Indeed, the Florida Everglades is the main place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coincide. It’s not incredible that the American alligator and the American crocodile will battle it out for a meal. Generally they tend mind their own business.

Why The Name River of Grass

While it may not seem like it, the Florida Everglades is an extremely huge waterway, conveying water from Lake Okeechobee towards the Gulf of Mexico.When you visit the Everglades at first glance it would not seem like a river.

Onboard an Airboat Tour Fort Lauderdale you would be able to see the slow moving water closely and discover for yourself. The Everglades are considered the most extensive wellspring of water for Floridians with a water table that reaches down 240 feet. The Everglades provides water to almost 40% of the population in Florida.

The Everglades are full of fascinating history that involves crime, exploration, natives, Spaniards and more. In case you’re keen on finding out more and seeing it for yourself, consider taking a tour with Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale. Call us today to book your airboat ride and tour of a lifetime 561-563-4165.