You will find a large number of animals in Everglades. There are mammals, amphibians, birds, and reptiles present in Everglades. The most common animals that you will spot in Everglades are American Alligators, blue herons, egrets and dragonflies. During the winter many wading birds such as wood storks, sand pipers and blue winged teal migrate to the Everglades to spend the winter. However, many of the rodents and small mammals have been decimated by the Burmese Python. Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale is your best way to see the animals up close in the Everglades.

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Larger Mammals of The Everglades

The Florida Panther lives in the Everglades especially where there are pines forest and cypress swamp. While the facts demonstrate that a significant part of the Everglades is comprised of waterways, wetlands, and lakes, there are a lot of dry regions that are occupied by larger mammals. More than 39 types of mammals call the Everglades home. One of the most well-known is the wild hog or boar. On the off chance that you see one of these pigs on a path, the best thought is to remain away. Generally, wild boars are modest and restless, yet they can, and likely will assault whenever incited.

Besides the wild boar, the Everglades are brimming with foxes, deer, and even bobcats. The Florida Panther can likewise be seen in the Everglades; however, they are endangered and much harder to spot. In waterways closer to sea you can spot the West Indian Manatee, more generally known as the sea cow. Detecting any of these creatures is an unforgettable event and one that very few individuals will have the privilege to live.

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The Everglades Bald Eagle & Other Birds

You will find over 300 different species of birds in the Everglades. Many birds like white and glossy Ibis, the roseate spoonbill, great blue heron, American bittern, cattle egret and many more. Some birds only live in Everglades during winter. You will find many unique birds here in the Everglades like snail kite or bald Eagle. If you love birds then you will find a lot of them here in Everglades. The Everglades are a bird watchers paradise where you can indulge on aquatic birds, birds of prey and even land birds.

Come See the Incredible Animals of The Everglades Onboard Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale

There is a large number of species of birds and mammals in Everglades. Other than that, you may also come across reptiles, amphibians, and even the American Alligator. If you want to see all these animals and much then book your tour with Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale. You can also give us a call at (561) 563-4165. And you can also contact us online.