The first workable concept of an airboat was created outside of the United States in Nova Scotia, Canada. Alexander Graham designed it in 1905 at it was known as the Odd One Out. There is still discussion today that Glen Curtis manufactured the primary genuine airboat worked for the swamps of Florida. Airboats became used for civilian use in the 1930s. In the late 1930’s the Everglades saw its first airboats.

The territory that currently lies between Fort Lauderdale and Naples including the National Park was viewed as a bothersome zone. The occupants of South Florida and the primary moguls intended to build up the Everglades and market it. Much to their dismay, the main factor of this Ecosystem was the water and wetlands.

Airboats in Florida

Glenn Curtis, Johnny Lamb and Russell Howard are believed by many in Florida to have developed and used the first airboats in Florida. Airboats are used for carrying passengers, salvage, construction, clean ups, water management, law enforcement and other activities.

Numerous guest from everywhere over the world come to Florida to be part of the River of Grass experience. Boat tourism companies have sprung up all over Florida fo tours from snorkeling, fishing, drinking, site seeing and more. Airboat visits are one of the top vacation activities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Airboat rides have given not just a method for transportation over the land, yet additionally simpler access for the traveler to ride over the Florida Everglades. The preservation of Florida’s biggest wetlands depends on teaching people conservation through airboat rides in the Everglades.

Airboat rides in the Everglades are one of the most famous approaches to investigate the public park. They take into account amazing perspectives on untamed life, alligators, and simple admittance to the backwoods and swamps.