Airboats rides are the best way to see the beauty of Everglades, and it is also fun. With the help of Airboats, you can see Everglades closely and there is also a chance of seeing alligators on the way. Airboat tours in the Everglades are thrilling, exciting and fun.

The reason why we use airboats in Everglades is that they can run smoothly over sawgrass, sedimentation, and low to no water. Airboats will provide you a safe and smooth ride in Everglades. Airboat rides are safe and fun for people of all ages.

From Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach you will not find a better airboat ride. All our the captains are certified by the State of Florida to drive you with utmost confidence through the Everglades.

Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale

Riding with us on airboats tours near Fort Lauderdale will provide you the best chance to see the American alligators in Everglades up close. Our captains also know that we have to respect the personal space of wild animals so they will keep you at safe distance all the time.

Our airboats tours are educational, informative and fun. We make sure that you have fun along the way of the tour. We advise bringing with you sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

Fort Lauderdale Airboat Tours Captains James Hale and Braden Escobar

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